Anonymous said: go home u immigrant

I’m an immigrant in my own ancestral homeland?

Anonymous said: When do you think Canada and the US will be white-only nations? And how?

I think Whites have the right to remain the majority.

who will pay our pensions? Who will pay the salaries of our children? It!

who will pay our pensions? Who will pay the salaries of our children? It!

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The World Turned Upside Down.



i wish that i could bestow onto white people the agony of having, in your ancestral memory, atrocities so terrible that they bear not description to children, so horrific and cruel that the perpetrators of them deserve not to be called human, to be called living, to be called anything but demons

and then, i want to give them the feeling of being told to get over it, i want to give them the feeling of being told to pull themselves up from their bootstraps, stop playing the victim, stop complaining and work hard to get where we got

First, there is no such thing as “pain” from an “ancestral memory,” because memories are properties of living persons.  Second, if there were, we would all be in a catatonic fugue state all day from pain.  No race is immune from the brutality worked against man by man.

For context, consider that slavery in the United States, occurring over a period of ~240 years, included the import of roughly ~600,000 slaves.  Other estimates, such as the Trans-Atlantic Slave Database, have the number closer to 400,000.  For context, this is about one tenth of the number of slaves received by, say, Brazil.

Most of the slaves in the U.S., while suffering the indignity of slavery, did survive, and had families, and were eventually freed.

Consider now the Holodomor, which you, of course, have never heard of.  This happened over one year—1932-1933, or many decades after the last slave in the United States was freed.  During that single year, anywhere from 2.5 to 7.5 Ukranians were starved to death.  It would take several African continents’ worth of slavery to match the scope of this atrocity.

Or let’s take a more apples-to-apples comparison.  To this day—and this is pretty much unquestioned—slavery in Africaby Africansof Europeansduring the same period as Western slaveholding was larger in scope and more savage.  I would direct you to, e.g., Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters.  (1.25 million is certainly greater than 600,000 or 400,000.)  

This is not to suggest that black Americans cannot be aggrieved over slavery or human bondage or atrocities in general; it is merely that they cannot claim an exclusive right to do so.  Even in the United States, the Japanese have a more proximate claim on this right.

Lastly, I don’t think the social milieu in which grief about “ancestor memories” currently exists supports a claim that black America is expected to pull itself up by its own bootstraps.  Black America is hardly expected, rightly or wrongly, to tie its own shoes.

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